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Pattaya Country Club

Swing it with GRC






Kao Mai Kaew, Bang Lamung, Chonburi, Chon Buri

Entrance GRC Cladding 700sq.m

Pattaya Country Club


Pattaya Country Club

Entrance is the first impression we wanted to impose on our guest. What is more appropriate than this bold, young, dynamic two swings to front the grand entrance of Pattaya Country Club. The design called for both sides of the surface to be slant and smooth.  The thickness between the front and the back should be more than 2 meters on one end and gradually reduce to 500mm on the other with the slope down from over 5m to ground zero. The other constrain is time. There were only a two months turnaround for these two sculptures to finish where one is over 84 meters, and the other is over 50 meters.

Initially, the structure was for in-situ concrete use, and piling was complete when the main contractor Sino Thai Co. Ltd. decided to change to GRC. After confirming on the design, GRC Thailand completed both sides of cladding within 35 days using only two of these five spray-stations to handle the work.

Starting the installation work from the middle of the sculptures only after ten days after production began, the steel frame is joined at the site to form the supporting A-frame. The front panel design is to be self-standing for the back panels and welded at the site. Panels are made in full height but limited to less than a maximum of 1.2m wide. The quantity of front and back panels are the same so that each pair will form a unit.

The 6-7 panels were fused to allow for expansion by first aligning of all the joint panels carefully to provide a smooth and continual surface. GRC panel at this stage is highly flexible to allow a high degree of bending without any damage.

The rounded top requires the application of GRC undercoat to the thickset area. GRC matte and mesh is then troweled to the surface of each 6-7m sections with the same mix design for production to form a homogenous product of the same composite. Each unit was divided with a gap of 10mm to allow thermal and moisture expansion. The whole sculptures will be painted with base and top coats by others.


Due to bad weather and other local issues, there was a disruption of over ten days of site work. But with unwavering support from the main contractor, our installation team and site work by our professional GRC applicators, the whole project is on schedule and turn over to customer without delay.

Inspection opening at back can be seen in this picture below.

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