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Concrete Columns on Pool Deck Make Easy






Hansar Residence

Vertical column height 3m and 4.85m. Total 230 pieces

Ritta Co. Ltd


Ritta Construction Company decided to select GRC for over 200 floor-to-ceiling columns for this prestigious project in downtown Bangkok. 

The columns are installed on the open pool deck on the 8th floor of the building to allow full ventilation and privacy and on the lower lobby for the same purpose. Subject to rain and shine, the columns not only have to be attractive, but they must also be able to resist the elements for the life of the building. 

GRC columns are lightweight pre-cast concrete building elements, so they are easy to transport and lifted to location. Weight about 20kg per sq.m at 10mm skin thickness, GRC can be more than 70% less weight than regular concrete. The stainless steel fixing bracket built into the GRC columns is weld together to the fixing brackets. The installation is simple and lightweight to enable easy handling. Up to 4 times the strength of steel fibre, alkaline resistance glass fibre is not only sturdy, but it also does not rust. 

Grade 18 GRC

Manufactured columns have six identical moulds using an external spray mix GRC dispensing machine and tested according to ATSM and BS-EN standard for Grade 18 GRC. Sandblasting the surface of the finish columns provides good adhesion for the latex paint. Hardly any plastering and sanding are needed saving time, labour and cost. 

Quality Alkaline Resistance Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete by GRC (Thailand)

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