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Maximum efficiency

Maximum flexibility

Consistent quality

Skilled workforce

GRC Thailand remains a medium size business to allow maximum efficiency between management and work teams. These allowed the company to maintain consistent quality control, maximum flexibility, and the ability to cope with market fluctuation in Thailand & overseas. With a well-trained and skilled workforce, and with abundant experience in high-performance GRC production, GRC Thailand can cope with the job of any sizes and quality to meet modern construction demand.

Over 11 years...

For over 11 years, GRC Thailand has produced GRC products both in the factory and on-site. Our on-site production experience enables us to handle demanding one-off products at a very competitive cost. And our efficient and well-equipped factory allowed us to produce up to 1000sq.m of GRC per day.

Environmental responsibility

GRC (Thailand) is consistently aware of its responsibility towards the environment and has been working at all times to reduce the carbon emission and to ensure a durable and safe product. Our in-house research regularly improves the quality and strength of our range of products to become better. Other areas of research include the use of faux marble and dye to make concrete more attractive, high insulation GRC wall panel system, self-cleaning GRC panel, and Permanent GRC Formwork System. Our latest research in using recycled waste glass for many different applications is another example of our leadership in these new and advanced industries.

CNC Carving

GRC (Thailand) also continually upgrade our capacity not only in equipment for production and office. We are also investing in new mould making equipment like CNC table to enable us to accomplish elaborate mould design with ease. State-of-the-art testing equipment to meet test standards required for quality production needs. New cordless installation equipment to reduce high-level installation risks are just a few of the examples of our latest upgrade.

To understand GRC and to know the capability of GRC (Thailand), visit our showroom/factory in Chonburi near Leamchabang. The many mock-up and sample GRC products will provide you with an insight into the many possibilities of its applications. The true to original concrete products that resemble natural products of wood and stones, the many colours and stain options available to enhance the beauty, and the intricate design of concrete using specific mould making material to form. All these will equip you to have a new dimension in designing your next project. Seeing is Believing.